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Who We Are

Enabling the future 

End-To-End Payments Innovation 

Cuscal is a payments and regulated data services provider in Australia. We offer a comprehensive suite of payment infrastructure solutions to a diversified client base. We enable a range of payment types from physical cards to real-time payments in the payments value chain and are constantly evolving our offerings to meet the demands of a rapidly changing economy.

Watch our video about Cuscal’s role enabling the smooth, secure flow of card payments in Australia.

A Proven Track Record 

We are a pioneer in payment innovation with many firsts to our name. We launched Australia’s first ATM in the 1970s, the first ADI to offer all three of the ‘The Pays’, and the first certified NPP PayTo Payer and Initiator in 2022.

We have a long history of adapting and responding to new market conditions and rapidly changing customer needs by harnessing the power of emerging technologies and products. We are always looking for new ways to make payments easier, more convenient, and more secure for our clients and their customers.

Solid Partnership 

Partnership and trust are at the heart of our business, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to a diversified client base. Confident in the knowledge and expertise we offer, our clients trust our reliable and innovative payments and data solutions to help them grow. 

Consumer Data Right (CDR) Capabilities 

By managing the many technicalities of the Consumer Data Right on behalf of Data Holders and Data Recipients, Cuscal opens the door to regulated data sharing.

In an increasingly data-driven marketplace, access to consumer data is the key to value creation and profitable growth. While the Consumer Data Right (CDR) gives consumers choice, control and convenience, Cuscal gives Australian enterprise unlocked opportunity.

Licensed and Compliant 

We’ve been around for nearly 60 years, and the capabilities we have built in this time, require significant investment in infrastructure, and licensing to make our systems reliable, secure and compliant. It takes years to build these credentials and is not something that can be easily replicated. We are fully licensed and compliant, which allows us to facilitate our clients’ confident and compliant participation in payments and data. 

Our current licences and accreditations include:

  • Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) 
  • Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) 
  • Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) 
  • Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System membership (RITS) 
  • Exchange Settlement Account (ESA) with the RBA 

A Differentiated Edge   

As an ADI (Authorised Deposit-taking Institution), Cuscal is uniquely positioned to offer increased capabilities and end-to-end functionality.

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