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Vigil for the New Payments Platform

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With the launch of the New Payments Platform, there is a perception that the speed of real-time payments will increase the risk of fraud and leave customers vulnerable to attacks. In reality, real-time payments aren’t inherently riskier than other payment methods, but organisations should be vigilant to the evolving threat of fraud and increase their focus on planning and prevention.

Partnering with Cuscal can help your organisation to manage the risk of real-time payments fraud.

Our Vigil for NPP service combines our extensive fraud monitoring experience with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from our partner Feedzai, to deliver instant decisions about the authenticity of real-time payment requests without sacrificing the real-time authorisation response times that are essential for the New Payments Platform.

The Vigil for NPP service supplements the blacklist functionality of Cuscal’s core NPP solution, providing your business with an enhanced fraud protection service that integrates seamlessly with Cuscal’s NPP Solution.

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