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Managing consumer consent in a digital economy

Consent management will be a critical function for the successful rollout and uptake of the Consumer Data Right (CDR). In order to meet regulatory obligations, organisations will be required to demonstrate that they have have in place secure and robust consent management capabilities and infrastructure that ensures they can:

  • Safely and securely share consumer data;
  • Efficiently manage customer consent preferences;
  • Maintain customer privacy; and
  • Meet the evolving compliance requirements of the CDR.

This is essential to establishing and maintain consumer trust and for realising the objectives of the CDR.

Watch the video for more on the role of consent management in a digital economy.

Product Data Store – foundational open data capabilities

From October 2020, all Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) will be required to begin sharing Product Reference Data.

Bank rates, fees and the features of banking products covered by Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislation must be available to be automatically accessed in machine readable format in order for ADIs to be compliant with this first major Open Banking milestone. However, operational workflows and technology constraints can present challenges to the streamlined flow of this product data.

Cuscal’s Product Data Store forms part of our flexible and modular approach to Open Banking, providing organisations with an end-to-end, managed solution that takes care of CDR compliance obligations and realisation of the value-added opportunities enabled by the CDR.