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Cuscal begins national rediATM fleet refresh

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A man using a rediATM

Next generation rediATMs offer extensive withdraw and self-service functionality

Sydney, 25 June 2014: End to end payments leader Cuscal has commenced of a national refresh of Cuscal-owned rediATM machines. The combined $17 million software and hardware upgrade, which will be completed by June 2015, will replace Cuscal’s existing fleet with 1,200 next generation rediATMs that will provide scheme participants and their cardholders with extensive future ready withdrawal and self-service functionality.

The new rediATM roll-out follows the recent transition of all Cuscal driven rediATMs to the Windows 7 operating system and the successful completion of a public pilot of other new rediATM software capabilities at select locations in Sydney.

“After approximately eight months of build, test and certification we are now ready to publicly roll-out our new ATM software and hardware,” said Adrian Lovney, General Manager: Product and Service, Cuscal.

Future ready capabilities already built into the new ATMs include Near Field Communication (NFC) readers for mobile payments, bar code readers, as well as cash and cheque deposit with real time credit.
Cuscal’s new software platform will also significantly advance the functionality of the new rediATMs and better represent rediATM scheme participants to their cardholders through a more personalised and tailored service.

“This phased approach will introduce new functionality such as favourite transactions, issuer branding and issuer advertising to our network and also sets the framework for many new features and enhancements to be built and deployed over coming years,” said Mr. Lovney. “As other networks show signs of consolidation, the new rediATM network will enable our members to provide an advanced withdrawal and self-service channel that puts them on a par with Australia’s bigger financial networks at a fraction of the investment required for an ATM network this size.”

This announcement also closely follows the news that Cuscal has formed an ATM access partnership UnionPay, China’s largest card scheme with over 4.2 billion cards on issue. UnionPay cardholders who visit Australia from April onwards are already able to draw cash from approximately 2,500 of the rediATM branded machines operated by Cuscal and the National Australia Bank.

Adopting a philosophy of partnering and never competing with clients, Cuscal is the ‘brand behind the brand’ to many organisations which require safe, innovative payment options for cost-effective transactional banking services.

About rediATM
The rediATM network is one of Australia’s largest ATM networks. With over 3,000 rediATMs across Australia, it partners with over 100 financial institutions including credit unions, building societies and banks.

The rediATM network provides direct charge free access to over 8 million Australian cardholders.

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