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Card Issuing


Enable your customers to make secure card payments with Cuscal’s end-to-end card issuing solutions

Empower your business in the payment space with our comprehensive and sophisticated range of card issuing solutions.

From debit, credit and prepaid cards to mobile payments and APIs, our end-to-end service and solutions are designed to help your business thrive. Cuscal’s infrastructure, experience and specialised expertise can facilitate the seamless integration of your preferred payment instruments.

Highly customisable, user-friendly and secure, our solutions are designed to help you reduce time and costs to your business while enriching the experience you can offer your cardholders.

Trust our  end-to-end card issuing solutions to keep your cardholders at the forefront of innovation while giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Card Issuing

Debit, Credit, Prepaid & Digital Cards

Cuscal offers a comprehensive array of services designed to enhance your business operations and growth, solving the complexity around cards. Our technical solutions provide you with the ability to issue cards, monitor fraud in real time, and enable digital experiences through APIs. We can manage licensing, compliance and regulatory requirements to ease the burden and costs on your business.

Debit Card
We offer both digital and physical card options, with the ability to customise your product to your cardholders’ needs. By enabling card issuance in a secure ecosystem, we simplify payments and harness data insights to enhance your products’ performance.

Credit Card
For greater payment flexibility, our credit card solutions whether physical or digital, enable easy card configuration to offer cardholders more payment options. Our APIs facilitate seamless integration with your existing systems, enhancing the overall efficiency of your payment solutions.

Prepaid Card
Whether reloadable or non-reloadable, we provide physical prepaid cards plus instant digital issuance  that can seamlessly integrate into digital wallets for convenient usage.

Key Takeaways

  • We are a single provider for all card issuing services, including switching, card lifecycle management and fraud monitoring.
  • Cuscal supports your business with its infrastructure and dedicated teams.
  • Cuscal helps you meet card scheme compliance, saving you time and resources.
  • Cuscal focuses on enhancing security measures to protect your cardholders and reduce financial losses due to fraud.

Additional Information

Cuscal’s transaction processing services provide the essential functions for your cardholders to securely transact, including transaction authorisation, PIN and CVV management. We support major payment channels including Visa, Mastercard,  eftpos, ATM and Bank@PostTM, ensuring comprehensive transaction coverage. Supported by our 24/7 onshore teams, we provide a reliable, always on service to meet the needs of your cardholder.

Bank@PostTM and its device mark are trademarks (registered or otherwise) of the Australian Postal Corporation. All rights reserved.

Cuscal’s Card Management System (CMS) allows you to design, launch and manage credit cards in one place, with the ability to scale and upgrade your product offerings seamlessly. Our CMS manages the card lifecycle and account, providing you with the ability to interact via our UI or integrate into our API suite.

Our CMS will be enhanced to include debit and prepaid card offerings (scheduled to be available in 2024).

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