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Enablement & Support Services

Enablement and Support Services

Specialist services for all payment businesses

Cuscal has been trusted by bank and non-bank financial institutions to keep their payment streams running smoothly and securely for nearly 60 years.

Drawing from our extensive experience in financial services and our deep relationships with all major card schemes and payment systems, government, and regulators, we offer a range of specialised services including settlement, dispute resolution, reporting and reconciliation for all payment streams.

Our services support settlement and agency services for Direct Entry (credit and debit), BPAY® (Payer and Biller), debit and credit cardsreal-time payments (NPP), ATMs, high-value payments (RTGS), Austraclear and PEXA– all of which are complemented by our comprehensive offerings in transaction processing, switching and fraud monitoring.

With clients from different sectors of the financial services landscape, all with unique needs and requirements, we excel at understanding needs and servicing our clients.


Market settlement

We meet our clients’ daily settlement obligations arising from the principal payment clearing systems for Direct Entry, BPAY, RTGS, NPP, and cards through Visa, Mastercard, eftpos and UnionPay International.

Client settlement

Debits and credits arising from each client’s transactions are consolidated in a single settlement account, enabling the benefit of an aggregated view of daily net settlement obligations.

Dispute resolution

Our robust dispute resolution platform helps clients to manage discrepancies and dispute irregular transactions. Our disputes portal enables clients to electronically lodge:

  • Visa, Mastercard, and eftpos disputes and chargebacks.
  • NPP investigations and payment returns.
  • BPAY error corrections and investigations.
  • Direct Entry recalls, traces and mistaken internet payments.
  • ATM disputes for all card types, including UnionPay.

Reporting and reconciliation

Daily reconciliation of settlements and individual reporting of transactions gives clients the assurance they need when checking against customer account balances and investigating discrepancies.

BPAY® is the registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd.

Key Takeaways

  • We support our clients’ settlements for Direct Entry, BPAY, NPP, issuing, ATM services, RTGS, Austraclear and PEXA.
  • We offer market and client settlement along with transaction dispute resolution and reporting.
  • Our fraud monitoring solutions help support our service offering to clients.

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