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Accredited Data Recipient Solutions

Consumer Data Right (CDR) Solutions

Unlocking the potential of CDR

In an increasingly data-driven marketplace, access to consumer data is the key to value creation and profitable growth.

The rollout of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) empowers Australian businesses to offer their customers greater choice, control and convenience, by leveraging consumer data. As a trusted CDR partner, Cuscal provides the infrastructure and connectivity solutions businesses need to connect to this open data ecosystem.

With our high standard of security and extensive experience managing sensitive payments data, you can rest assured that your customer  data is in safe hands.

Let Cuscal manage the technicalities of the CDR, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best.

Accredited Data Recipient Solutions

As participation in the Consumer Data Right (CDR) continues to grow, it is crucial that your business is well-positioned to harness the opportunities that can be unlocked through access to regulated consumer data.

From driving operational improvements, to building new products and acquiring new customers, leveraging CDR data is the ultimate key to your competitive advantage.

Throughout our history, Cuscal has been at the forefront of championing competition in banking and payments. Our recent acquisition of leading CDR solutions provider, Basiq, further increases our capabilities, enabling clients to compete with CDR data.

An organisation must be an accredited data recipient or choose an access model with tiered accreditation to be able to access CDR data.

With unmatched expertise and a range of data analytics and insight tools that integrate seamlessly into your systems, Basiq can help your business deliver optimal customer experiences.

About Basiq
Basiq is a market leader in the Consumer Data Right (CDR), facilitating the seamless and compliant exchange of financial information between banks, authorised third-party providers, businesses, and consumers.

Key Takeaways

  • To access CDR data, organisation must be an accredited data recipient or choose an access model with tiered accreditation.
  • Basiq, a Cuscal subsidiary, helps organisations access CDR data by reducing their technical and compliance burden.
  • Through Basiq’s data analytics and insight tools, you can enhance your services and create more value for your customers.

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