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Digital Enablement


Enable your customers to make secure card payments with Cuscal’s end-to-end card issuing solutions

Empower your business in the payment space with our comprehensive and sophisticated range of card issuing solutions.

From debit, credit and prepaid cards to mobile payments and APIs, our end-to-end service and solutions are designed to help your business thrive. Cuscal’s infrastructure, experience and specialised expertise can facilitate the seamless integration of your preferred payment instruments.

Highly customisable, user-friendly and secure, our solutions are designed to help you reduce time and costs to your business while enriching the experience you can offer your cardholders.

Trust our  end-to-end card issuing solutions to keep your cardholders at the forefront of innovation while giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Digital Enablement

Our APIs offer a range of advantages that can assist your business in enhancing its operational efficiencies and improving the cardholder experience. Remain at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation as we commit and invest to offer a frictionless payment experience.

Deepen Brand Loyalty

Deepen brand loyalty by delivering convenient, personalised and secure financial experiences. Cuscal allows your business to offer real-time alerts and value-added services, fostering trust and engagement.

Enhance Protection and Security

Enhance your cardholder security with multi-factor authentication, encryption, fraud detection, access control and transaction monitoring, ensuring robust protection for cardholder data and payment activity.

Increase Cardholder Engagement

Through the provision of personalised service, enhanced convenience and expanded collaborations with third-party providers, our digital solutions and APIs can help elevate your cardholder engagement.

Reduce Operating Costs

Cuscal’s APIs aim to reduce operating costs through automation, increased efficiency, enhanced security and streamlined maintenance, enabling your business to deliver its services more affordably.

Key Takeaways

  • APIs and the 'Pays' boost cardholder experience with convenience, personalisation, security and self-service options.
  • Enhance cardholder engagement with APIs and the 'Pays' for personalised services, convenience and third-party collaborations.
  • APIs and the 'Pays' reduce costs by automating processes, improving security and streamlining operations.

Additional Information

Revolutionise your cardholders’ experience with Cuscal’s digital card issuance product. Benefit from instant card issuance, reduced costs and increased security measures to help ensure you can provide a seamless and secure experience. Digital cards can be stored instantly in a mobile or digital wallet (the ‘Pays’), making them easily accessible and convenient for cardholders to use online and in-store.

Cuscal’s advanced API enables your cardholders or back-office staff to control and prevent unwanted usage and restrict certain types of transactions. In addition, your cardholders can avoid becoming a victim of theft by locking the card’s ability to transact with a few taps, reducing the potential for fraudulent purchases.

By enabling the integration of our PIN Services API into your Mobile Payments App, Cuscal offers a self-service solution for setting and changing a card PIN. This can reduce reliance on PIN mailers and manual processes, lowering costs and increasing cardholder satisfaction.

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