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Card Services


Enable your customers to make secure card payments with Cuscal’s end-to-end card issuing solutions

Empower your business in the payment space with our comprehensive and sophisticated range of card issuing solutions.

From debit, credit and prepaid cards to mobile payments and APIs, our end-to-end service and solutions are designed to help your business thrive. Cuscal’s infrastructure, experience and specialised expertise can facilitate the seamless integration of your preferred payment instruments.

Highly customisable, user-friendly and secure, our card issuing strategy and solutions are designed to help you reduce time and costs to your business. While also enriching the experience you can offer your cardholders and cultivating long-term customer loyalty.

Trust our  end-to-end card issuing solutions to keep your cardholders at the forefront of innovation while giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Card Services

Meet and exceed your cardholders’ expectations with our range of flexible and comprehensive card services and solutions.

From card production to card scheme sponsorship, settlements and disputes management, our capabilities are designed to support your business’ complete issuing ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Create, customise and manage card types, including debit, credit and prepaid.
  • Partner with card schemes and payment systems to issue cards or services under their brand globally or regionally.
  • Manage transactions and settlements, resolve issues and address payment disputes.
  • A dedicated system to manage your cards, integrate APIs and enable your business to offer world-leading card products.

Additional Information

Cuscal manages the entire card lifecycle process, from card manufacture to distribution, including EMV chips, plastic printing, PIN mailers and packaging collateral. Our dedicated onsite Card Production team oversees every aspect of the end-to-end card production process. Collaborating closely with our card manufacturer,  and the card schemes, we simplify the process and relieve operational burden for you.

In addition to traditional plastics, Cuscal also offers innovative, eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled PVC and biodegradable materials, along with special features designed to cater to individuals with vision impairments. You have the flexibility to align these cards with your unique brand identity and cardholder preferences through your choice of design and features, allowing for a tailored customisable product to suit your specific requirements.

We can provide and support the setup and management of your card programs, through card scheme sponsorship, the ‘Pays’ registration and card licensing.

As a Principal member of the major card schemes and payment systems within Australia, including VISA and eftpos, we provide sponsorship and BIN Management, to enable you into the market.

We can support your registration into the ‘Pays’ Wallets, through our existing relationships with Apple, Google  Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin.

Our dedicated team provides ongoing industry and technical compliance assistance. We take care of card scheme reporting, , conduct regular audits and to manage regulatory change.

Cuscal offers comprehensive dispute management solutions through our specialised dispute platforms. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in maximising chargeback recovery. We also provide robust compliance reporting to the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure compliance in relation to fraud scores and rates.

Through our relationship with card schemes and payments systems we provide settlement services for card transactions and settlement account management. To support reconciliation, we provide detailed summary level reports and ongoing support services from our operational teams. This allows you convenient access to your funds in a single location, simplifying your account management processes and ensuring ease of operation.

We offer comprehensive reporting and data solutions designed to drive your business growth and enhance operational efficiency. Our services encompass a wide range of reporting options tailored to meet your business’ specific goals.

Our performance reporting capabilities are designed to help you achieve your business objectives and build out your strategies effectively. In addition to performance reporting, our client facing portal offers transaction reporting, financial reporting, scheme-related reporting as well as settlement and reconciliation reporting. All these reporting features are easily accessible through our user-friendly online portal.

Furthermore, we provide advisory services and offer documentation materials to support you in developing and fine-tuning your product strategies. Our holistic approach ensures that your business has the tools and insights needed to thrive and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

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