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Cuscal will connect clients to Android Pay Day 1

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Mobile phone paying at POS terminal
Sydney, 16 December 2015
: Cuscal, one of Australia’s leading providers of end-to-end payments solutions, is pleased to announce that it will be ready to connect its financial institution clients to Android Pay as soon as it launches in Australia.

Cuscal’s clients include over 70 Australian financial institutions to which it supplies a range of products including credit and debit cards and a mobile banking app with HCE contactless payments capability. All of these will be able to connect to Android Pay.

Commenting on the launch of Android Pay Adrian Lovney, Cuscal’s General Manager of Product and Services said:

“It’s a very exciting time for mobile payments in Australia and Cuscal is right in the thick of it. We have been working with Google to make sure that our clients will be able to connect to Android Pay from Day 1, giving them a level playing field to compete with the big banks for their share of customers’ mobile wallets.”

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