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Artificial Intelligence: The How and the Why? | Dr Catriona Wallace

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Dr Catriona Wallace speaking at Curious Thinkers 2022.

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing tech sector in the world, valued at US $327 bn in the last 12 months. It will also remove 85 million and generate 92 million jobs in the next two years. But who is leading the ethics of this powerful technology? The tech giants? Not likely. Government? Trying but about 5 years behind. And now commentators such as Stanford regard ‘Ethics Everywhere’ as the number one technology strategy priority for organisations.

So what is Responsible AI and how do you do it? Dr Catriona Wallace will share best practices in Responsible AI as well as sharing some super useful case studies. And most importantly Dr Wallace will discuss how you can step into being an Ethical Leader.

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