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Vigil for Cards

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Launched in 2010, our Vigil for Cards service has consistently outperformed industry averages for fraud loss rates. During this time, Vigil for Cards has helped clients to protect their debit and credit cardholders from the ever evolving threat of fraud.

As the number of debit and credit card transactions grow, filtering fraudulent transactions from genuine transactions can become increasingly difficult. A blocked genuine transaction can cause frustration and have a negative impact on the cardholder experience.

This is where the Vigil for Cards service can help.

We are committed to keeping clients ahead of the curve. We are investing in our Vigil for Cards service, combining our extensive fraud monitoring experience with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from our new partner Feedzai to score transactions at scale, without compromising on the response time. This helps to improve fraud detection rates and reduce false positives, providing a better final experience for the cardholder.

Vigil for Cards customers will have access to the enhanced service, benefitting from improved integrated operational processes, enhanced data analytics and cardholder behavioural profiling to continue to evolve with changing fraud trends.

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