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Making cyber security about humans with Alastair MacGibbon

As cyber-attacks continue to rise, Alastair MacGibbon from CyberCX shared his expertise at Curious Thinkers 2021 about how to make cybersecurity about humans in the fight against cybercrime.

In this session, Alastair shares his knowledge gained from his time as the Head of Australian Cyber Security and as Australia’s first e-Safety Commissioner and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security.

He discusses the key players in cybercrime, how slow responses from tech vendors and patchy hardware supply exposes us to increasing risk and reveals how cybercriminals exploit the weaknesses in the cybersecurity chain – simple human mistakes.

Watch the video and discover what can you do to create a cyber-resilient operation and workforce. Listen to Alastair and learn how you can be better prepared to respond to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Keynote: ‘Making cybersecurity about humans in the fight against cybercrime’ with Alastair MacGibbon, CyberCX.

Navigating customer-led digital innovation

At Curious Thinkers 2021, we learned how to navigate customer-led digital innovation in a panel session led by Cuscal’s Chief Client Officer and Deputy CEO Bianca Bates with 86 400’s Travis Tyler, Square’s Samina Hussain Letch and Westpac’s Di Challenor.

The session explores how customer-led innovation is becoming a competitive battleground in every sector. Especially considering a survey by Accenture found that while 93% of enterprise-level executives think innovation is critical to their business, only 34% believe they had a well-defined customer-led innovation strategy in place.

So, what can you do to unlock the value of customer-led innovation? Hear from Travis, Di and Samina as they share their insights into building a customer-led culture from a global, local and start-up perspective.

Watch the video and discover what customers now expect, get a sense of what’s possible and learn how you can build a culture of digital innovation.

Panel session: ‘Navigating the competitive battleground of consumer-led digital innovation’ with Bianca Bates, Cuscal, Travis Tyler, 86 400, Samina Hussain-Letch, Square Australia, and Di Challenor, Westpac.