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Global Payments Innovation Playbook

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The Global Payments Innovation Playbook is a collaboration between PYMNTS and Cuscal to examine the key pillars driving financial innovation in Australia, China, the European Union, India, the United Kingdom and the U.S. We have curated some of these regions’ most promising and impactful innovations in this report, all to disseminate the important lessons local success stories have to teach.

The playbook offers a glimpse into global innovators’ efforts to take eCommerce and mobile payments to new heights. This includes what they can show us about modern consumers’ shopping habits, and how businesses might incorporate other regions’ successes when looking to expand abroad.

Contents of playbook:

  • Executive summary
  • Rebirth: why European nations are adopting faster payments
  • North America finds its payments voice
  • China’s mobile banking system: All roads lead to Alibaba and Tencent
  • Thank India: a greenfield ripe for innovation
  • Australia’s new real-time payments environment
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