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Today’s foundations for tomorrow’s payments | Curious Thinkers 2022

Nathan Churchward (Cuscal) moderates a session with Christian Westerlind Wigstrom (Monoova), Luke Fossett (GoCardless) and Marnie Ryan (NPPA)

As one of Cuscal’s key strategic priorities and a true leader in this space through our ongoing commitment with the NPPA, this session aims to reinforce the benefits of PayTo and to get clients excited that there will be take up of PayTo. The content will be aimed at sharing the benefits on the initiator side as well as demonstrating what’s important from a payer side – how do our banking clients position this as a competitive advantage with their customers?

Cyber Security: Disruptive thinking in Cyber Risk Management | Martijn Verbree

Martijn Verbree joins virtually for his talk on Cyber Security at Curious Thinkers 2022.

This is an extremely important topic for organisations as it is a growing problem for their business and customers. The keynote will give insights and knowledge to strengthen security measures and educate customers to be cybercrime-wise.

Digital Currency Landscape | Anthony Jones and Steve Vallas

Anthony Jones speaking at Curious Thinkers 2022.

Everyone has heard about it, and everyone is either involved or knows someone who is in some way. The Digital Currency afternoon aims to provide attendees with an understanding of the overall landscape and where the opportunities lie for all client segments, what the regulators are thinking and how Cuscal is responding to this increasingly important topic.

Industry Evolution: How the Fintech community is enabling growth and innovation | Curious Thinkers 2022

A panel discussion with Rimal Gokani (Zai), Tim Wilks (Coinspot) and Adam Theobald (Ordermentum) at Curious Thinkers 2022.

The market is changing, and you can get there when you have to meet regulatory requirements, or you can get there on your own before you have to. This session aims to provide tips on how to deal with the changing market by showing how the fintech community is responding.

Artificial Intelligence: The How and the Why? | Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace speaking at Curious Thinkers 2022.

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing tech sector in the world, valued at US $327 bn in the last 12 months. It will also remove 85 million and generate 92 million jobs in the next two years. But who is leading the ethics of this powerful technology? The tech giants? Not likely. Government? Trying but about 5 years behind. And now commentators such as Stanford regard ‘Ethics Everywhere’ as the number one technology strategy priority for organisations.

So what is Responsible AI and how do you do it? Dr Catriona Wallace will share best practices in Responsible AI as well as sharing some super useful case studies. And most importantly Dr Wallace will discuss how you can step into being an Ethical Leader.

DBS’ incredible digital transformation with Paul Cobban

At Curious Thinkers 2021, DBS Chief Transformation Officer Paul Cobban shared his journey of how he took DBS from being called Damn Bloody Slow to ‘World’s Best Bank’ not just once, but three times over.

In this session, Paul walks you through the multi-award-winning transformation journey he designed and led for DBS. He reveals the 10 lessons DBS learned and shows how you can apply them in your organisation.

Watch the video and discover what it took Paul to transform DBS’ 50-year-old cultural, digital and data offering and re-imagine banking from the ground up.

Keynote: ‘From Damn Bloody Slow to Best in the World – the transformation of DBS’ with Paul Cobban, DBS.