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About Cuscal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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We answer your frequently asked questions about Cuscal along with our payments and data solutions.

About Cuscal

I have a media enquiry, who should I contact at Cuscal?

If you have a media enquiry about Cuscal, please email

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What are Cuscal’s values?

Our Values WE EARN TRUST – Trust and transparency form the foundation of everything we do. WE ARE ONE TEAM – One Cuscal, one team, one plan. What we achieve we achieve together. WE THINK CUSTOMER – Our partnership and service set us apart. WE ADAPT AND ADOPT – We are innovative on the growth […]

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Who is Cuscal?

Cuscal is a payments and regulated data services provider in Australia. As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution, our extensive capabilities include real-time payments, other payments (DE, BPAY & RTGS), banking services, consumer data right (CDR) solutions, financial crimes solutions (fraud monitoring), card issuing and acquiring. Cuscal has an A+ credit rating by Standard and Poor’s. Cuscal […]

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What is Cuscal’s address?

Cuscal’s head office is located at Level 2, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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Who are the Directors of Cuscal’s Board?

Information on Cuscal’s Board of Directors can be found on our website, including who is on the board, their experience and qualifications.

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Who is in the Cuscal Executive Leadership Team?

Information on Cuscal’s Executive Leadership Team can be found on our website, including who is in the team, their experience and qualifications.

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Where can I find Cuscal’s Press Releases?

Cuscal Press Releases can be found on our website in the Newsroom.

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How do I contact Cuscal?

You can contact Cuscal via the Contact Us section of our website or you can call our call centre, CallDirect on 1300 650 501.

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